100% Canadian Owned and Operated

Sigfox Canada is currently building an IoT network in Canada as part of the Sigfox Global Network. Anticipated to launch this year the Sigfox Canada network will provide Low Cost, Low Bandwidth, Low Power solutions for hundreds of different applications.

Sigfox: Make Things Come Alive

Who Is Sigfox?

Sigfox is a France based company currently building a Global IoT network. Key information about Sigfox includes:

  • Currently operating in 70+ countries

  • 650+ devices are available on the Sigfox Network and growing every week

  • 15+ million devices connected sending 24+ Million messages per day

  • 1.1 Billion people are now covered by the Sigfox network


About Us:

Sigfox Technology

Please watch these videos to learn more about the features and benefits of Sigfox Technology. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Star Network Architecture

Data Sigfox Message Can Carry

Design Choices & Benefits

Lightweight Protocol


Use Cases

  • Asset Tracking

  • Smart Building

  • Asset Monitoring

  • Streamline Operations

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Meter Reading


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Sigfox Canada FAQ's


Who is Sigfox Canada?


Sigfox Canada is 100% Canadian owned Company and the exclusive partner of Sigfox, a France based company. Sigfox Canada is responsible for building and operating the Sigfox Internet of Things (IoT) network in Canada, as part of the Global Sigfox IoT network currently operating in over 60 countries.


Are you building your own network?


Yes,  Sigfox Canada is building a national IoT network which is currently live in the largest city in 8 of the 10 provinces. We are adding additional network every week. 


How big will the network be in Canada?


We are currently building out the largest cities in the country, and in every province, and anticipate the network will cover over 14 million Canadians by the end of June 2019. If there are specific areas requiring coverage we are able to build most areas within 90-days.


Are you using Cellular Technology?


No The Sigfox network uses Radio Frequency (RF) in the 902MHz  range to receive signals from devices. This RF technology increases the distance a signal can travel, reduces the power required, and helps to increase the battery life in the devices.  It is designed for low bandwidth, low data rates applications.


What devices/applications are available today?


There are currently 693 devices available supporting thousands of different applications. The largest applications include Asset Tracking, Meter Reading, Smart Building, and Smart City applications.  


How will you compete with the Telco's?


Given the difference in technology between the Telco’s LTE-M solution and the Sigfox (LPWAN) solution there will be direct competition on occasion but it will be minimal. The applications for both technologies are significantly different and in some instances will be complimentary. Sigfox will provide the lowest cost.


I have an application requiring connectivity whom do I contact?


If you complete the contact form on this website and provide additional details our team will reach out to you and arrange a time to find the best solution for your application.


Can Sigfox connectivity be provided to any device?


Yes, Sigfox has a development kit available for device manufacturers enabling it to send it information to the Sigfox network.  If you require more information please complete the contact form on this site and our team will reach out to help you.



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