What 12 Bytes Really Mean

What 12 bytes really mean12 bytes

Executive Summary It is not very straightforward and simple to compare different IoT communication technologies in terms of data consumption. If such a comparison is made without a good research on the particulars of the radio technologies, very false conclusions can be made. This article explains the differences of a Sigfox connected object versus an […]

Buy connectivity Online


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Weather Safety provided by Sigfox and Barani Design Sensors


Weather is an important part of any outdoor workplace, recently one of our Channel partners completed the installation of a Weather System in Toronto, which included Lightning detection and a series of Weather variables provided by the MeteoHelix IoT Pro by Barani Design. The Weather stations provided by Barani Design provide details on Temperature, Pressure, […]

How IoT Could Transform The Business Models Of Essential Services


IoT technology seems to have penetrated every sector and geography imaginable, but there are still places that the hype has not yet reached. In the current climate of uncertainty and risk for vulnerable individuals, IoT technology could drastically improve essential services by offering a completely new way to deliver that service. This article will cover […]

IoT Solutions Make Smart Buildings and Offices Even Smarter

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More and more commercial buildings are becoming smarter thanks to IoT technology. Market research firm Berg Insight estimates that more than From offices to warehouses to healthcare facilities, IoT technology is creating smart buildings that optimize building performance by reducing operational costs, saving energy and improving occupant comfort and safety. Reducing operational costs IoT is […]

Digital Transformation Destination: IoT Technology Transforming the Aviation Industry


Moving people and goods around the globe involves managing a staggering amount of logistics in the airline industry. U.S. airports accommodate 2.7 million airline passengers and 44,000 flights IoT technology is everywhere today and industries across sectors are increasingly embracing it. The aviation industry is one of the industries making significant investments in IoT. According […]

IoT Trends for 2020


IoT is everywhere. The wide range of consumer and enterprise applications of the technology are fast making it an integral part of everyday life. As IoT continues to proliferate everything from smart homes, to smart health to smart cities, the explosive market growth of the technology in the consumer and enterprise sectors will continue into […]

Connected Rhinos and Fish: IoT Technology Helping Protect Endangered Wildlife


IoT technology is improving life for humans in everything from smart home, smart health and smart city applications. Humans, however, are not the only ones benefitting from this technology. The almost endless applications of IoT have now been extended to wildlife protection. Conservationists are turning to this technology to track and monitor wildlife in an […]

Sharing a cup of coffee across the Sigfox network worldwide


Sigfox Partner SimpleHW deploys a project to track worldwide coffee drinking habits of Sigfox Operators including Sigfox Canada. Article: Find the public dashboard here: https://www.iofrog.com/public/iofrog/en/?channel=S2LZHUMFVQDNWFUM

Keeping IoT Networks Secure


By the year 2020, it is estimated there will be up to The Internet of Things (IoT) is making our world more connected than ever, and it is changing how society interacts with everyday objects and electronics. From smart speakers to machine-to-machine industrial networks, connected devices are paving the way to become the new norm. […]

IoT Technology: Helping Enhance Safety and Independent Living for Seniors


According to the UN As the population ages and life expectancies increase, innovations in IoT technology are allowing seniors to maintain their independence and safely stay in their homes longer. The ability to age comfortably is important to quality of life with IoT technology is making this happen with sensors and devices to help both […]

A Smarter Supply Chain: IoT and Logistics


The goal of any logistics company is moving goods from point A to point B. Whether via air, sea, rail or ground, the transportation and logistics industry (T&L) relies heavily on the rapid exchange of information in order to get shipments to their destinations as quickly as possible. T&L has seen the benefits of new […]

IoT Driving Forward Smart City Innovations


Smart cities are no longer a futuristic concept. Smart city projects are underway in cities across the globe as municipalities are investing in technology to improve city services and infrastructure, enhancing quality of life for their citizens. The UN forecasts that With the number of smart cities increasing, IoT technology is a key driver in […]