Three Benefits of Asset Tracking


Reliably tracking goods from points of production to storage and final delivery can help optimize your supply chain. The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can provide package-level condition monitoring, location tracking, […]

What 12 Bytes Really Mean

What 12 bytes really mean12 bytes

Executive Summary It is not very straightforward and simple to compare different IoT communication technologies in terms of data consumption. If such a comparison is made without a good research […]

Buy connectivity Online


We now offer to buy connectivity for your devices online through This will allow you to buy from any of 3 different plans based on your daily message needs to […]

IoT Trends for 2020


IoT is everywhere. The wide range of consumer and enterprise applications of the technology are fast making it an integral part of everyday life. As IoT continues to proliferate everything […]

Sharing a cup of coffee across the Sigfox network worldwide


Sigfox Partner SimpleHW deploys a project to track worldwide coffee drinking habits of Sigfox Operators including Sigfox Canada. Article: Find the public dashboard here:

Keeping IoT Networks Secure


By the year 2020, it is estimated there will be up to The Internet of Things (IoT) is making our world more connected than ever, and it is changing how […]

A Smarter Supply Chain: IoT and Logistics


The goal of any logistics company is moving goods from point A to point B. Whether via air, sea, rail or ground, the transportation and logistics industry (T&L) relies heavily […]

IoT Driving Forward Smart City Innovations


Smart cities are no longer a futuristic concept. Smart city projects are underway in cities across the globe as municipalities are investing in technology to improve city services and infrastructure, […]