This article describes where to find the ID/PAC couple and how to use them

How does it work?

A device has a unique Identifier called Device ID. It is also related to another unique number called PAC (Porting Authorization Code). The PAC proves the ownership of a device (ownership title) and only the current device owner knows it.

The ID-PAC couple is mandatory for device registration or transfer. As soon as the device is registered or transfered, the PAC will change (one-time only code).

Where to find the PAC?

If you need to retrieve a device’s current PAC number, access the Device information page:

  1. In the Device tab, enter the device identifier and filter.
  2. Click on the device identifier to access its informations page.
  3. The PAC is shown there.

Security recommendation

Anyone detaining a PAC may register a device that is yours. Please refrain from having it published or printed or engraved on or near a device.

Exporting the ID/PAC info for a device type

The user might find interesting to export in an CSV file the list of all ID/PAC couples of a given device type, in order to later import them elsewhere. For that, please proceed as follow:

  1. Find the desired Device Type
  2. Click on Associated devices tab on the left side menu
  3. Click on Export devices ID/PAC button