Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions!

This article describes where to find the ID/PAC couple and how to use them

How does it work?

A device has a unique Identifier called Device ID. It is also related to another unique number called PAC (Porting Authorization Code). The PAC proves the ownership of a device (ownership title) and only the current device owner knows it.

The ID-PAC couple is mandatory for device registration or transfer. As soon as the device is registered or transfered, the PAC will change (one-time only code).

Where to find the PAC?

If you need to retrieve a device’s current PAC number, access the Device information page:

  1. In the Device tab, enter the device identifier and filter.
  2. Click on the device identifier to access its information page.
  3. The PAC is shown there.

Security recommendation

Anyone detaining a PAC may register a device that is yours. Please refrain from having it published or printed or engraved on or near a device.

Exporting the ID/PAC info for a device type

The user might find interesting to export in an CSV file the list of all ID/PAC couples of a given device type, in order to later import them elsewhere. For that, please proceed as follow:

  1. Find the desired Device Type
  2. Click on Associated devices tab on the left side menu
  3. Click on Export devices ID/PAC button

Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions

Why did we rebrand?

We are expanding our technology offering to better meet the needs of our customers. We will remain the exclusive provider of Sigfox technology in Canada and now will offer other connectivity solutions to ensure we meet all the needs of our customers.  

In many instances, customers are looking for multiple IoT solutions so by expanding our technology offering we can provide complimentary connectivity solutions including, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and even other LPWAN technologies. We are focused on being the best solution provider for our customers.

How will our customers be impacted?

This is great news for our customers in Canada and the U.S. as you will have more connectivity options to best meet your business IoT requirements, and we will work closely with you to find the right solution.