Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions!

Sigfox U.S.A., the North America network operator for the global Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity provider Sigfox, today announced its Coverage as a Service (CaaS) offering, a new network solution providing on-demand connectivity for US customers.

CaaS is a subscription service that provides all the benefits of the Sigfox public network, including network management, monitoring, and support. The service can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the customer, installed wherever coverage is needed with the capability to connect thousands of devices, at the same per device subscription fee as the global public network.

Available for both indoor and outdoor deployments, CaaS gives customers control to address various areas of need, including rural, remote, and deep indoor spaces in areas not yet covered by the Sigfox USA public LPWAN in the US.

Compact and lightweight, CaaS is a simple, self-install kit which includes a Sigfox base station suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, access to Sigfox cloud, remote equipment monitoring, remote troubleshooting support, demonstration IoT devices, cellular backhaul, and accessories such as cables, connectors, outdoor waterproofing kit, antenna, and more. Customers will need either Ethernet or 3G connectivity to connect to the Sigfox cloud. To cater to the vast needs of customers, the included base station is durable for extreme installation environments, withstanding temperatures ranging from -50°F to +130°F.

“We are very excited to offer this service and have seen significant traction in the US market,” said Christian Olivier, President of Sigfox USA. “Our CaaS model allows US customers to immediately supplement or densify coverage where they need it. Customers are already applying this offering in verticals such as agriculture, hospitality, and industrial facilities. CaaS provides a one-stop shop encompassing device and cloud connectivity services, designed and provided by Sigfox, at an extremely affordable cost.”


“Smart Yields is partnering with Sigfox to pioneer the company’s CaaS technologies at small- to medium-size farms across the U.S.,” said Smart Yields CEO Vincent Kimura. “The Sigfox system is easy to install in the field and pairs seamlessly with the Smart Yields app, which provides detailed analytics and real-time updates on critical crop conditions. Affordable, reliable connectivity in remote conditions is a game changer for our farmers, and we look forward to expanding our Sigfox CaaS network.”

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Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions

Why did we rebrand?

We are expanding our technology offering to better meet the needs of our customers. We will remain the exclusive provider of Sigfox technology in Canada and now will offer other connectivity solutions to ensure we meet all the needs of our customers.  

In many instances, customers are looking for multiple IoT solutions so by expanding our technology offering we can provide complimentary connectivity solutions including, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and even other LPWAN technologies. We are focused on being the best solution provider for our customers.

How will our customers be impacted?

This is great news for our customers in Canada and the U.S. as you will have more connectivity options to best meet your business IoT requirements, and we will work closely with you to find the right solution.