Why Use IoT to Track Assets?


Reduce Asset Loss

Lost assets means lost money. It should be intuitive to track the location of assets. However the cost of legacy connectivity to track goods sometimes outweighs the cost of the goods themselves.

With Sigfox IoT connectivity, it is feasible to put a tracker on any asset and recover lost goods, no matter their perceived value. You can economically track strawberries, nails, and televisions … no goods left behind with Sigfox IoT connectivity.


Increase Operational Efficiency

Without insight into the location of your assets, you waste time searching for them, replacing them, and simply reacting to the fact that they are in the wrong place.

With insights into the location of your assets, you can operate efficiently not wasting time and resources reacting to “Where’s my stuff?”


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect their goods to be in a certain location and when that is not the case, it is important that the item be quickly located. An example is a hospital where rented equipment is moved around frequently. Equipment vendors can install inexpensive IoT sensors on their assets, so the items can be easily located when they need to service or replace them. This reduces risk to the customer, providing them with more insight into their operations, and ultimately increasing satisfaction.


Reduce Dwell of Assets

There is no need for increased inventory when you know the locations of your existing inventory. Goods that are unused in an unknown location are a waste of assets.

Improve the use of your inventory and reduce excess inventory.